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Dental What is CAD CAM? How Is It Applied?

Dental What is CAD CAM? How Is It Applied?

CAD / CAM means computer-aided design and computer-aided manufacturing. In traditional treatments, the patient should go to the dentist more than once when dental restoration is applied. The treatment, which is completed in approximately 3-4 appointments, tires both the patient and the dentist. However, cad cam technology allows to do all these operations in a single session.
CAD / CAM, which means computer-aided tooth design and production, is one of the new generation treatment applications that eliminates the need to take measurements from the patient with the classical technique. Thanks to the computer-integrated camera, it is possible to make a prosthesis design by taking images from the teeth and achieve perfect restorations in a single session. Especially this method is used in implant, prosthesis, dental veneers, lamina and porcelain dental filling treatments.

How to Apply CAD CAM?

Cad Cam, one of the most used methods of aesthetic dentistry, enables to produce the teeth closest to the result that the patient dreams of. It is especially used in the design and manufacture of porcelain restorations and prostheses in an extremely aesthetic and healthy way.
When we say how to apply Cad Cam, which we can accept as 3D technology, first the image is taken with the camera with the CAM part and then the crowns are produced by scraping the design prepared with the CAD part from porcelain blocks. By using special software (CAD) on the computer, the most appropriate dental structures and prostheses are designed for the patient. Afterwards, the treatment of the patient is completed by making toning.
In Cad Cam dental application, since the teeth are designed in 3D, the margin of error is almost non-existent. While the prostheses are applied smoothly, the treatment is completed in approximately 2 hours.

What are the Advantages of CAD CAM Treatment?

A high aesthetic appearance is obtained in restorations and implants prepared with Cad Cam technology. Also; The sensitivity of the cad cam system is at the micron level and it is not possible to obtain it with traditional methods. The flexible imaging capability of the Cad Cam method, which has a wide application area, enables the dentist to obtain more detailed information about the mouth and tooth structure.
Restorations that are more compatible with the teeth of the patient are obtained and time is saved. The process of preparing a porcelain restoration with the Cad cam method and applying it to the patient can take place in a short time period such as 1-2 hours. You can get detailed answers from your dentist to your questions such as how to apply cad cam and how are cad cam fees determined.

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