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Fiber Post

Fiber Post

Permanent Solution for Teeth with Substance Loss!

Fibre post is a treatment that is applied with the support of root canal treatment and minimizes the possibility of failure of dental fillings applied on teeth with excessive material loss. This application is the use of posts, which are structures like nails and screws, to strengthen the root of the tooth. Thus, tooth fractures and caries are prevented.

In which situations is fibre post applied?

Fibre post application is used in cases where there is irreversible damage to the teeth, in prosthetic dental treatments, in caries or teeth with material loss that cannot be repaired with dental filling, and in cases where the jawbone is insufficient.
The treatment, also called post core, is used according to the extent of damage to the patient's teeth.

How to Apply Fibre Post?

When applying fibre post, root canal treatment is required first. After the root canal treatment is completed, the canal and pulp chamber are shaped by the dentist. It is worked in the laboratory to make metal post and core according to the tooth size. After the tooth tissue is shaped, the insertion of fibre sticks into the root canal strengthens the teeth. Post core will be an advantageous option for teeth that cannot be filled or coated.

Advantages of fibre post treatment

Fibre post application is very advantageous for both the patient and the doctor, as it is a supportive treatment in dental treatments.
  • Post core treatment stops infections in teeth.
  • Tooth losses are prevented thanks to fibre post.
  • With the help of a fibre stick, the resistance of the tooth is increased by taking support from both the root and the crown of the tooth.
  • Post core provides treatment of deep caries.
  • Fibre post restores vitality to teeth.
  • It provides protection of the tissues at the root tip in dental infections.
Fibre post dental treatment, which prevents the patients from being toothless, is also advantageous in terms of increasing the quality of life of the person.

In Which Situations Fibre Post Application Cannot Be Applied

Fibre post application cannot be applied thin and curved rooted teeth that do not allow to have a root canal treatment, fractures or cracks in the roots of the teeth, excessive caries involving the root of the tooth, having teeth whose root canals are calcified and cannot be treated, teeth are under the gingiva or are unsuitable for restoration.
Your dentist will decide if your dental structure and health is suitable for the fibre post.

Is fibre post a painful application?

No pain is felt in fibre post dental applications. It is normal to have mild swelling and pain after treatment, but this situation disappears within 24 hours. Fibre-posts can be applied in 20 minutes in a single session. You can learn your treatment details from your doctor.

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