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Graft Application

Graft Application

Strong Teeth After Bone Grafting Treatment

A graft is the process of transplanting any tissue in the body without the connection of vessels and nerves that feed this tissue. Bone grafting is applied to increase the amount of bone in patients with insufficient jaw bone. With the elimination of bone loss, it becomes easier to apply other dental treatments.
It is normal to have bone loss over time in areas with tooth deficiency in the jaws. Since dental implants cannot be applied for this problem called atrophy, dental graft is preferred. During graft application, the grafts are used in thin thickness and in small amounts; As a result, it is aimed to hold and accept the highest amount in the new area of the body. After a sufficient and healthy bone graft is formed in the patient, other dental treatments are also applied.

How Is A Bone Grafting Applied?

Bone grafting application is applied to patients with insufficient jaw bone in a clinical environment. There may not be enough bone in the area where the implant will be placed, especially before the implant. If there is a broken or extracted tooth over time and no prosthesis is applied to that area, loss of the jawbone may occur. Thanks to bone graft, the amount of bone is increased.
In the bone graft procedure, graft bone granules obtained from various natural materials and processed and adapted to human bone tissue are placed in the patient's jawbone. After about 3-6 months of healing, permanent teeth (dental veneers) can be attached to the implants in the area where the bone graft is applied.
During dental grafting, bone taken from a different area and artificial bone materials are used together. The grafting material is attached directly to the bone and turns into bone tissue over time. It is a very advantageous application to give the patient a healthy tooth structure.

Considerations After Bone Grafting Treatment

In bone grafting treatment, a material called membrane is used to protect the grafts. This material prevents soft tissue from reaching the grafted area and facilitates the ossification of the placed graft parts. After the graft surgery, the patient should be hospitalized for 1 day. But the healing process is quite fast.
For dental treatments, you can contact your dentist to get information about bone grafting application that strengthens the patient's bone structure and dental graft fees. You can have teeth with high function instead of the teeth you lost.

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