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Healthier Teeth with Zirconium and Lamina Veneers!

Healthier Teeth with Zirconium and Lamina Veneers!

Dental veneers are one of the methods used to compensate for problems such as fractures, cracks and caries in the teeth. Also, dental veneers, which also eliminate the colouring problems in teeth, are among the most preferred applications in the field of aesthetic dentistry.
Dental veneers, especially used for front teeth, have begun to be designed in the closest form to its nature with the technologies developed in recent years. While your dentist decides which type of dental veneer is suitable for you, there is no problem after dental veneer applied with good material. So how are dental veneers applied? What should be considered in material selection? Let's examine it together…

How to Apply Dental Veneer Types?

When applying dental veneers, the form and material suitable for the patient are selected primarily. Among the dental veneer types, zirconium and laminated veneers are mostly preferred. If we look in more detail:
  • Porcelain Laminate Veneer: The porcelain material used when making veneer teeth is designed in leaf form by taking 0.3-0.7 mm. surface from the tooth. The metal-free porcelain laminate veneer is also resistant to fractions. It is preferred because the front and interface surfaces are eroded as little as possible.
  • Zirconium Veneer: It can be applied to both front and back teeth in the zirconium veneer method among the dental veneer types. In zirconium application, which is a solid and aesthetic material, it is not necessary to use the colour covering opaque layer as in metal veneers. The problem of cold and hot sensitivity is at a minimum level since the thermal conductivity coefficient of the material is lower than the metal one.
  • Metal-supported veneer: For those who say how to do veneer the teeth, let's talk about metal-supported veneer. In applications in clinics, metal alloy is placed under the porcelain at the stage of tooth construction. Since the metal in the substructure is light-proof, it reveals itself with a matte appearance and a dark colour at the gingival level. Therefore, metal-supported veneers are generally not aesthetically recommended for anterior teeth.
  • Empress (Full Porcelain) dental veneer: Among the dental veneer types, EmpressFull porcelain dental veneer is a type of application made directly on the tooth. In this application, which requires a tooth in the mouth, the procedure is performed after the teeth are prepared.
Zirconium veneers and lamina veneers are the most common methods among dental veneers. Being durable and having the closest colour to the tooth are also the main reasons for their preference.

What Is The Duration Of Dental Veneers?

The correctness of the oral care performed after the dental veneer process and how often the person uses colourant foods determine the duration of the dental veneers. In general, it will be healthy to apply the dentist's recommendations for veneers that can remain on teeth for 7 to 15 years.
Although dental veneers are resistant to stains, foods and drinks that cause stains (eg coffee, tea) should be avoided. Thus, the duration of the dental veneers can be extended. In order for dental veneers to be long-lasting, the material used should be good and the professionalism of the dentist should not be forgotten.

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