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Is Oral Shower Used At Home?

Is Oral Shower Used At Home?

Oral Shower For Dental Care

Oral shower is a device with air and water spray feature that cleans the interdental and mouth. It is wondered if the oral shower, which effectively cleans the areas that the toothbrush and dental floss cannot reach, can be used at home. The oral shower, which has a very easy use, can also be used in home and office environments.
The use of oral shower enables individuals with perplexed and adjacent teeth to clean their teeth better. Oral showers are particularly advantageous to remove food residues that accumulate prostheses over the implant, fixed crowns and bridges and cause bad breath over time. Oral showers, which also provide hydro massage, provide a noticeable relief in the mouth.

How To Use An Oral Shower?

It is normal for food residues to remain between the teeth during daily eating. It is difficult to clean these food residues, especially in individuals with small interdentals. Thanks to the oral shower, this cleaning is done easily. When using the oral shower, mouthwash water can be added to the water reservoir together with warm water. Then the head suitable for the oral shower is attached and operated. Oral shower cleans between teeth and mouth by spraying water and air simultaneously with pressure.
The use of oral shower, which has a 360-degree rotation feature, should not be done without the advice of a dentist. Those who have post-implant prostheses, crowns, bridges, or have dental braces, and those whose teeth are frequent can learn from dentists how to use the dental shower.

Advantages of Dental Shower in Oral Cleaning

Oral shower is an application that has no side effects and is possible to be used by individuals of all ages. Oral shower, which takes about the time of brushing teeth, benefits by reaching the areas where toothbrush and dental floss cannot reach. It is also advantageous in terms of preventing the formation of dental plaques. It is also very effective for gingivitis, as it provides oral hygiene.
Oral shower also eliminates gingival bleeding. It is minimal to see bleeding during brushing as it prevents the formation of inflammation. It also prevents problems such as bad breath by preventing all bacteria formation in the mouth. The use of an oral shower at the home is easier than you think. It is possible to prevent caries and dental diseases with oral shower.

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