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What Are The Risks Of Abscessed Dental Treatment?

What Are The Risks Of Abscessed Dental Treatment?

Early Diagnosis is Essential in Dental Abscess Treatment!

An infection that occurs at the root of the tooth or between the tooth and gingiva is called a tooth abscess. Dental abscesses occur when the bacteria entering the tooth descend down to the root of the tooth in case of tooth caries or cracking. Excessive sugar consumption, not paying attention to oral hygiene and frequent eating foods containing carbohydrates also cause tooth abscess. 
If the abscessed tooth is not treated, microorganisms that grow here can spread to other parts of the body. Abscesses can migrate to neighboring tissues or may progress to neighboring vessels and cause bleeding from these vessels. Of course, there are risks of dental treatment with abscesses when treated late or in the wrong hands. Your doctor will inform you about the risks and complications before treatment.

Possible Risks in Dental Abscess Treatment

If it is untreated, dental abscess can cause general health problems. Therefore, tooth caries should be treated as soon as possible. Ignored caries causes the bacteria to spread more, causing larger tooth caries and abscess formation. If an abscess is formed in the tooth, the treatment is started with the use of antibiotics for 1 week. When the inflammation decreases, general oral health is formed. If the tooth abscess cannot be removed with antibiotics, the inflamed area is pierced and the inflammation is drained. Thus, the inflammation is completely drained. If there is any obstacle for this procedure, the inflammation is evacuated by applying a surgical method.
The most important risk of abscess dental treatment is the extraction of the inflamed tooth with abscess. If the abscessed tooth is extracted, there is a possibility that the inflammation can mix with  the blood. This can cause serious problems that can lead to death. In addition, because the infection is close to the brain, any risk of splashing can cause problems in the brain tissues. The infection can spread under the tongue, down the throat, between the different tissues, and if it gets worse, it can block the esophageal atresia and windpipe.
In order to avoid the risks of abscess dental treatment, it is necessary to follow the doctor's recommendations after early diagnosis and treatment. Painkillers, salt water for mouthwash, dental floss should definitely be used. It is also important to consume plenty of liquid and not to use the abscessed part while chewing.

What Should Be Done To Prevent Dental Abscess Risks?

After answering the question of what happens if the abscessed tooth is not treated, let's talk about what you can do to avoid repeating the problem. In order to prevent tooth abscesses, you should not postpone your daily dental care and dental check-ups periodically. If there are gaps between teeth and gingiva, you should ensure that these areas are covered with the dental filling process, considering that the food you have eaten may remain in these spaces.
If you have an abscess on your tooth, you should see a dentist without wasting time because dental abscesses do not resolve on their own. In the first six months after the abscess dental treatment, the x-ray of the area will be examined and it will be checked whether the bone heals in the area and whether the infections are re-formed. For this reason, it is important that you do not postpone your post-treatment controls.

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