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How To Have Dental Volumetric Tomography?

How To Have Dental Volumetric Tomography?

3D Treatment with DVT Device!

Dental volumetric tomography is an imaging method that takes a cross-sectional view of the area to be examined. With this method, the details that cannot be seen on the normal film can be seen from every angle, the desired treatment is performed and your mouth and dental problems can be easily solved.
Dental tomography, also known as DVT, provides a great benefit for treatment planning in dental and jaw diseases, dental implant applications and maxillofacial trauma by providing 3-dimensional imaging instead of 2-dimensional imaging methods. It is preferred because of its detailed diagnosis possibilities in dental and jaw pathologies.

Dental Tomography Usage Areas

Dental volumetric tomography is the most advanced imaging system that provides 3-dimensional imaging of the lower and upper jaw, giving much less radiation than computed tomography. It is the ideal method for pre- and postoperative imaging of impacted, displaced teeth, jaw cysts, cleft palate, trauma cases, important anatomical markers and structures. Also it is used for :
  • Implant planning and retrieval
  • Determination of bone thickness and tissue condition
  • Determination of distances to mandibular canal or sinus floor
  • Root canals configuration and appearance
  • Root canal measurements
  • Detection of anatomical deviations and unusually large root canals
  • Shaping the roots
  • Anatomical situation, relationship between teeth
  • Periodontal ligament (ancylosis).

How Is Dental Volumetric Tomography Applied?

While performing volumetric tomography, a special removable prosthesis is prepared with the measurement taken from the patient and the patient's tomography is taken with this prosthesis. The application using the 3D imaging device is very short and fast. Radiation intake is much less in DVT device compared to computed tomography (CT). While you have to wait for a long time in a closed device for CT, you can take the DVT in 1 minute by sitting.
Dental volumetric tomography provides detailed information on bone thickness and size, especially for implant treatment. It is not necessary to cut the gingiva, mucous membranes to see the bone. Because the sections of the bone are seen from all angles on the screen. Thus, applications are completed with less margin of error. Since the treatment plan is made faster, the patients can return to their normal life in a short time.

What are the Advantages of Dental Volumetric Tomography (DVT)?

Dental Volumetric Tomography (DVT) is a low cost and low radiation application. It is easily used before almost every tooth and jaw operation. In addition, it is applied more easily in those with claustrophobia. Since the image quality and resolution are very good, it facilitates the detection of the disease. Volumetric tomography, which enables visualization of areas that cannot be monitored with panoramic and periapical x-rays, increases the success of the operation and shortens the time.
Sensitive organs such as thyroid gland and cataracts are protected from radiation when the rays reach only the target area. It will be better to contact your dentist for dental volumetric tomography price information and how to have dental volumetric tomography, which clarifies the treatment decision process.

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