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How to Take Occlusal Film

How to Take Occlusal Film

Quick Solution to Jaw Treatments with Occlusal Radiography

The care and treatment needs of each area of the mouth are different and appropriate treatments can be performed by diagnosing with various imaging techniques. The occlusal film method is used when it is desired to display larger areas in the lower and upper jaws. With this method, your treatments are completely applied by determining the horizontal position of the teeth, examining the jawbone and salivary gland ducts.
Thanks to occlusal radiography, which is one of the guiding methods especially for orthodontics and maxillofacial surgery, the development of the bone structure and the healthy development of the teeth are checked together with the position of the jaw. Occlusal radiography is requested according to the general health status of the patient and the suspicions of the doctor.

How to Take an Occlusal Graph?

If we answer your question about how to shoot an occlusal film; Occlusal imaging is performed with films of 6 x 8 cm in size to determine the horizontal position of the teeth, to examine the jawbone columns or to examine the pathologies of the salivary gland and ducts.
While the occlusal radiography is taken, after the film is placed in the patient's mouth, it is given perpendicular to the film over the beam. The patients are then instructed to close their mouth so that the film remains in place and the beam is delivered perpendicular to the film from the lower edge of the mandibula. A treatment plan is created according to the result.
If there is a problem in the position of the jawbone of the patient, the problem may be solved with orthodontics at an early age, and jaw surgery may be needed at an advanced age. Even if the horizontal positions of the teeth interfere with each other and cause orthodontic problems, necessary interventions are done.

What Should Be Considered While Having Occlusal Radiography?

While the occlusal film is being taken, all metal jewellery (glasses, hearing aids, buckles, earrings, necklaces, nose rings, piercings, etc.) should be removed before taking the film. If there are removable prostheses in the patient's mouth, they should be removed. There should be no movement and posture should be maintained as indicated by the doctor.
The amount of radiation to be taken during occlusal radiography is equal to the amount of radiation received by sitting in front of a computer for 4 hours and walking outside on a sunny day. Therefore, you do not need to worry about the occlusal radiography. The lead vest, which should be worn during the taking, prevents other organs and tissues from receiving unnecessary X-Rays. Your dentist will answer your questions such as how occlusal radiography is taken and what it is used for.

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